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What is Hosting?

What is hosting? why do you need it for a website? or is it the same as registering a domain?  Let’s get started on getting a better understanding.

Hosting is the storing of a website, application or other data on a server (a computer managing access to network resources), so that it can be accessed over the Internet (i.e. the home of your website).  Before we go any further, let’s first understand the distinction between domain names and hosting.  Domain names, typically easy to remember words, are assigned to IP address which are unique string of numbers that identify each computer communicating over a network or internet.  A domain name ( is the address of your website that a user enters in the browser’s URL bar.  So, instead on entering a string of numbers, an easy to remember name is assigned which directs the user to the website.  The process involves the browser sending the request to DNS and nameservers (Domain Name System… i.e. phonebook of the internet) and routing to the server where the requested website is stored.  To create your website, you’ll need a domain name and web hosting… an address and a home!

Managed Hosting

Domain names and web hosting are different services.  Domain names registration may involve privacy protection of your registered information, DNS settings management, on-going renewal of your registered name (typically annual term for about $15/yr.), etc.   Domains may be transferred from one registrar to another, but some limitation on the transfer process may apply.  Web Hosting activities may involve implementation of core web technology platforms, secure transfer of files, SSL implementation and on-going renewal, professional domain email accounts, overall maintenance & security updates of servers, platforms, and deployed websites, etc.  Depending on the type of service and options, web hosting services cost vary significantly.  Web hosting may also be transferred from one company to another, but some limitation on the transfer process may apply.




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