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Domain Name Tips

The domain name for your website will be with you for a long time…  it’s best to do a bit of research upfront and make sure it’s just right.

Keep it short & simple.
First, shorter domain names are easy to type and easy to remember.  Also, shorter domain names fit better on business cards and other printed media.  Second, simplicity is just as important.  If a domain is short, but difficult to spell or sounds different than how it’s written (double-letters, abbreviations, etc.), there may be some challenges with branding and marketing.  With the amount of domains names being added everyday, this can be a difficult task.  This rule may be bent a little bit when it come to length of the domain name, but it’s always important to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Use relevant keywords.
Pull together a list of top keywords and try to add them as prefixes or suffixes to create good domain name ideas.  Mix and match to find a good domain name.  Keep in mind the objective of having a visitor identify with your business when seeing your domain name.  Also, consider your target audience and any nuances that may be relevant (i.e. TLDs for local market or special type of organization).  The best choices typically save a lot of money when it comes to branding and marketing budget.


Final thoughts:

Whenever possible, choose the .com, unless a local tld makes more sense.  Avoid plural, hyphenated or misspelled version of another domain.  When you are ready, register, lock, enable privacy, and set to auto-renew, and register corresponding Social Media handles!  For ease of management and simplicity in this process, we use & recommend google domain →.  Also, as part of our managed cloud hosting services, we register and manage domains for our clients.